F.R.L Combination (Filter + Regulator + Lubricator 3 units style)

  • Remove water and particle effectively.
  • 40µm and 5µm filter element are easily interchangeable and replaceable.
  • Accurate and easy pressure setting.
  • Lubricator oil can be replenished without stopping air supply.
  • Oil spray in mist ensures good lubrication for machines.
  • Anti-acid & alkali bowl and aluminum bowl provide excellent protection in organic chemistry working environments.
  • Lubricator oil (Recommended):ISO-VG32

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Product Description


  • Medium size; 30mm width; large flow rate.
  • Lockable manual override for easy operation.
  • Anodized aluminum body and strict quality control provide a long durability.

5/2, 5/3 WAY PNEUMATIC VALVE (26/30/34mm width)


  • Suitable for flammable working environments.
  • The valve is actuated by air for accurate response.



2/2 WAY SOLENOID VALVE (Brass series, Pilot acting)

  • Pilot acting for low starting pressure.
  • Large flow rate and high working pressure.
  • Quick response.
  • Stainless steel stem provides exceptional durability.
  • Flange type is available for JIS 10K; ANSI 150LB and PN16.
  • Ex-proof coil T4 as optional accessory.
  • Timer for setting on/off time as optional accessory.
  • CE conformity for all series.